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Freediving "Our Confidence" shipwreck

Freedive with Karol Meyer, adventurer and Mormaii athlete, around this beautiful shipwreck submerged called "Our confidence".

Friendly as the name, "Our confidence" was originally a Danish fishing ship, but as is the case of so many ships, it`s changed ownership and service several times during his lifetime. In 2nd World War it was used to transport refugees. Later, it would act as a Caribbean inter-island freighter, and perhaps one of its most important missions, the ship was the first to provide assistance to victims on the island devastated by hurricane in St. Maarten.

Since 2003 "Our Confidence" rests in the waters of Bonaire, very close to the coast, about 50metros, a delicious depth to free dive between 15 and 20meters.

In largely intact, can be easily viewed by divers, having a float for marking at surface.

The mast is just 8metros below the surface and with its narrow wooden hull, cabin, deck railings, open hatches and create a ghostly scene of a frozen seniority in time.

It is important to be careful with cables outside, it is a very safe to dive wreck. The depth, the lack of significant openings to penetrate, descent line and access to the coast makes it a very attractive point for all levels of divers!

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